Frequently Asked Questions


All of the products and approvals are strictly controlled by our Hospital. You are ordering directly from us but with the convenience of ordering "on-line".

Registering is a straightforward process. Simply click on Create New Account where you will be prompted to provide your full name, email address, phone number, and the name of your veterinary clinic. After registration, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration and set a password.

We will never sell or trade our patient email and postal address lists for any reason.

Please visit the Saved Pets page of our website to update your pet's information.

Unfortunately, you currently do not have the capability to change clinics within your account. Kindly click on the Chat/Message button located on the bottom right-hand side of the website. Provide us with your email address, your current clinic, and the details of your new clinic, and we will facilitate this change for you.

There is no membership fee and you can cancel at any time.

My AutoOrders

To include an item in your AutoOrder, start by locating the desired product. When viewing the product, you will find the option to Add item to existing AutoOrder.

To modify the date of your next AutoOrder, you will need to visit the My AutoOrders page. Here, you can edit all your AutoOrders and specify the New Order Date.

To get your AutoOrder to process today, please go to your My AutoOrders page. There, you can choose to edit your next order to the current date, ensuring immediate processing. Please note that if your Next Order Date is displayed with today's date and crossed out, it indicates that your order is scheduled for placement today.

To remove an item(s) from your AutoOrder, you will need to visit the My AutoOrders page. Within this section, you can edit individual items while making adjustments to your AutoOrder.

In most instances, this limitation is a result of requiring approval from your veterinarian. Occasionally, product restrictions may also be imposed by the distributor due to a shortage in product availability.

This is not the day you will receive your order; 'Next Order Date' refers to when your order will be automatically placed by our system. Subsequently, the standard order process will commence.

If the Next Order Date displays today's date crossed out, there's no need for concern; it indicates that your order is scheduled to be placed today.

To modify the frequency of your AutoOrder, go to the My AutoOrders page. From there, you can edit and adjust the frequency according to your preference.

You can only cancel your AutoOrder before it is sent to the distributor. To check if cancellation is still possible, please go to the My Orders page. If the order has not been sent to the distributor, you will find the cancellation option. If the option is not available, it indicates that your order has already been sent to the distributor, and cancellation is no longer possible.

Your AutoOrder will be delivered to the address designated as the 'default shipping' location, which can be verified in your Addresses page. In case you have multiple addresses, you have the option to set any address as the new 'default shipping' location.

Just add your favourites items to your cart, proceed to checkout, select "Yes" to AutoOrder at checkout, and set your schedule.

To cancel your AutoOrder, you must be on your My AutoOrders page. Look for the cancellation option associated with your AutoOrder, and be sure to confirm the cancellation when prompted.

My Orders

Shipping fees, if applicable, will be calculated on the final page of checkout once you have selected the delivery option. If your hospital chooses to set any shipping discounts, these will also be displayed. Please note that any promotions are subject to change at any time.

All deliveries are made without requiring a signature. It is your responsibility to contact the courier regarding any lost or stolen items.

Typically, couriers permit changes to the delivery destination within the same general delivery area. You can contact the courier once you receive your tracking information. Please note that a change fee may apply for this service.

You can view the detailed order invoice by visiting your My Orders page. Please click on the "View Details" button on the right-hand side of the order.

You can check the status of your order by visiting the My Orders page. The status of your order can be found under your order number. Your order will be in one of the following order statuses:

  • Waiting for Order Validation - Your order is currently being reviewed by your pet’s veterinary team to ensure that it matches their medical record.
    Preparing to be sent to the distributor – Your order will be sent to the distributor in the next order submission.
  • Order sent to distributor - Your order is currently being processed and packaged by your veterinarian’s distributor .
  • Shipped - Your order has been shipped.
  • Back Ordered – one or more of the items in your orders in now on backorder. Your order will not be shipped until all items are available. Click on the order to see what items are back ordered.
  • Cancelled - Your order has been cancelled.

Unfortunately, orders may enter a Back Ordered status from time to time due to inventory levels at your veterinarian’s distributor. In the case of orders with multiple items, you will receive a notification enabling you to remove the out-of-stock item(s) to proceed with the rest of your order. For single-item orders, you can choose to wait for the product to be restocked or opt to cancel the order.

This is a pre-authorization used to validate your credit card when you use it for the first time. This is not a charge; it will refund on its own (2-5 business days in most cases).

Orders can be cancelled within 30 minutes of placing your order. You can cancel your order by visiting My Orders. If your order is eligible for cancellation, you will see the option to cancel the order.

Unfortunately, we do not deliver to PO Boxes

Typically, most orders are expected to be delivered to your door within 2-3 business days, utilizing courier services. If you opt for in-clinic pick-up, the order would be available in accordance with their designated ordering schedule.

If you encounter challenges in deciding what to order, please contact your veterinarian for assistance. For issues related to the website itself, you can reach out to us by sending a message through the Chat/Message button located at the bottom right-hand side of the website.